DigiFish AquaReal 2 Download Version

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Name: DigiFish Aqua Real 2
File Size: 25.66MB


After you have installed Aqua Real 2, click on the shortcut on your computer desktop. What you’re about to open is not merely a computer program. The window you open extends from your desktop to an open ocean with no end. Presented to you is not simply arrays of illuminating bright dots, but rather, you would see Palette surgeonfish and Pennant coral fish staring back at you fearlessly under your curious gaze.

Groups of fish swimming and chasing one another, as if they are flowing silk scarves in the ocean current. Sunshine penetrates through the ocean and onto the blue coral reefs, painting a misty, glamorous scene.

Feel free to tickle every fish, feed them well so that they do not get hungry, or you can call upon sharks to play some harmless virtual pranks. You may also pick a few pieces of lovely music from your playlist and let Aqua Real 2 lull you into a sense of carefree existence. There is no virtual creation that can replace a real grain of sand or a real droplet of water. But while you are deeply immersed in the joy and the peace of Aqua Real 2, you will soon realize that even a virtual world can touch your heart.

  • The fish from Aqua Real 2 are no longer simple polygons and fuzzy images. With the power of the next generation Aqua Real 2 biological engine, there are more delicate shots and more detailed displays.
  • This is not a film nor an anime. It is an eco-simulated program, a virtually created reality built with a well designed framework after extensive research into the domain. Every scene of every single second is unpredictable and non-repeatable.
  • 26 species of tropical fish enjoy their picturesque ocean home in 3 vividly crafted coral reef scenes.
  • All the tropical fish in Aqua Real 2 no longer always swim around in groups. Some of them live alone, some of them swim in groups. Occasionally they even attack one another due to the basic instinct of territorial aggression. They also swim for their lives when they sense sharks lurking nearby.
  • Have you ever seen instant calculator anemone? In order to make coral reefs more realistic in Aqua Real 2, we have developed a realistic and efficient anemone-clown fish cline module. It includes a physics operation animalism module. It even represents natural libration movements while it swims through anemone tentacles. The perfect components in Aqua Real 2 await your exploration.


Platform: Digital Download
Genre: Educational, Screensaver
Setting: Ocean
Developer: DigiFish

System Requirements
OS: Windows 98 / Me / 2000 / XP / Vista
Processor: Intel or AMD 500MHz or faster processor
Memory: 256MB RAM
Graphics: 3D Accelerator that supports DirectX 9.0, with 64MB Video RAM or more.
Hard Drive: 32MB free space
Soundcard: DirectSound compatible 16-bit sound device



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