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Recent blog posts
X Rebirth Home of Light expansion announcement

Press Release

X Rebirth – Expansion Home of Light,
Free Update 4.0 and Demo Released 

EGOSOFT has released the new X Rebirth expansion “Home of Light” as well as a demo and the free update 4.0 for the X Rebirth main game. Home of Light (HoL) is the largest expansion of X Rebirth universe to date, adding three brand new star systems, lots of new missions and weaponry and reintroducing a long forgotten enemy.

The release trailer gives a brief overview of the gameplay additions in Home of Light, while EGOSOFT Managing Director Bernd Lehahn discusses the content in-depth in the new feature video.

Trailer Video:

Feature explanation video (with German subtitle):

Players who like to try out the new features before buying the Home of Light expansion are invited to download the free demo from Steam or the Mac App Store. 

The X Rebirth Update 4.0 is released for free for all X Rebirth players and also ending the beta phase of the Mac and Linux versions, making the game officially available on these platforms now.  

New players can explore the universe of X Rebirth with the new Complete Edition of X Rebirth, including both expansions. The edition is available on Steam, and from the Mac App Store.  

More detailed resources about the expansion and the update can be found on


Feature overview Home of Light expansion and X Rebirth 4.0 update:

  • (HoL) Much larger universe: The Home of Light expansion will bring three entire new systems, including the central Home of Light, known from the X3 games, with a massive new economy.
  • (HoL) Trade stations: A new station type allows you to stock large amounts of any wares you like. Buy up goods when they are cheap and sell when the price is high or your competitors' stations mysteriously explode.
  • (HoL and 4.0) New enemies, new weapons, new missions, new and mysterious phenomena.
  • (HoL and 4.0) Many new secrets to explore in the outskirts of the ever growing X universe.
  • (HoL and 4.0) Bulletin Board System (BBS): The new BBS system collects all currently available missions in space for an easier overview.
  • (4.0) Trade improvements: Graphs showing market developments over time, a best deal finder and many UI improvements to make trading easier.
  • (4.0) New engine technology: Extend your ship with a Jump Drive and other new technology to travel through the universe quicker than ever.
  • (4.0) Customisable weapon upgrades: Craft weapon modifications to improve your favourite weapons.
  • (4.0) Many more improvements like: Major overhaul of external view, Improved tutorials, Improved fleet management with new property owned menu and commands, New difficulty setting “Very hard”.

The following products are available starting today:

X Rebirth: Complete Edition (NEW + DISCOUNT)
    Description:    X Rebirth including Home of Light and Teladi Outpost
    Available on:    Steam,, and the Mac Appstore.
    Price:        $49.99 now for just $24.99, for a limited time.

X Rebirth: Home of Light (NEW Expansion + DISCOUNT)
    Description:    Home of Light Expansion
    Available on:    Steam and
    Price:        $9.99 now for just $7.99 for a limited time.

X Rebirth: Home of Light FREE  (NEW + FREE)
    Description:    Free demo version of the new game
    Available on:    Mac Appstore and Steam

Other products available starting today:
X Rebirth: Home of Light (Original Soundtrack) by Alexei Zakharov (NEW)
    Description:    13 tracks from the new expansion.
    Available on:    iTunes, Amazon and many other services.
    Price:        $9.99 

X Rebirth: Teladi Outpost (Original Soundtrack) by Alexei Zakharov (NEW)
    Description:    10 tracks from last years X Rebirth expansion.
    Available on:    iTunes, Amazon and many other services.
    Price:       $8.99

Farnham’s Legend: The beginning of the X-Universe saga (New eBook)
    Description:    eBook of part one of the X series by author Helge T. Kautz
    Available on:    Amazon Kindle
    Price:        $5.51

More information about the new content is available on 


EGOSOFT, founded in 1990, is one of Germany’s leading game developers. Its team of industry veterans and dedicated game enthusiasts entered the international stage with the widely-acclaimed X-Beyond the Frontier space simulation game in 1999. EGOSOFT is now exclusively dedicated to setting new standards in the space game genre and continuing to improve the gameplay experience for fans of the X Universe. For more information on EGOSOFT and its products visit

About Tri Synergy

Founded in 1996, Tri Synergy is a video game and computer software publishing company that offers software developers a turnkey publishing solution that is an alternative to the traditional model of affiliate labels and licensing programs. For more information on Tri Synergy and their products visit
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Now Available on Steam

Abandoned: Chestnut Lodge Asylum 

A Hidden Object Adventure by Lazy Turtle Games. 


Tri Synergy is pleased to announce that Abandoned: Chestnut Lodge Asylum, is arriving today on Steam and Digital Download


Trailer and Information

Watch the Video




These days the Chestnut Lodge Asylum is abandoned and forgotten, but many years ago a terrible tragedy unfolded behind those rusty gates. Every year patients disappeared from the asylum without a trace. Neither the nurses nor the police could find any clues. But one day everything changed. Your dreams draw you to the asylum as you yearn to return to a normal life without nightmares, premonitions, and fears… Explore the asylum and its surroundings, find out the true story of this place and face your fears.


  • Over 20 challenging Hidden Object scenes 
  • Unlockable achievements 
  • Puzzles and mini-games
  • An adventure mystery that only you can solve


System Requirements


  • Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7,8, 10
  • 2GHz
  • DirectX 8.0
  • 1024MB RAM
  • 290MB


About Lazy Turtle Games

Our company was founded in the middle of August 2007. We are professionals with more then 15 years of experience in the game industry. Our goal is to create quality casual games. We love to create hidden object games as much as we love to play them! For more information on Lazy Turtle Games and their products visit

About Tri Synergy

Founded in 1996, Tri Synergy is a video game and computer software publishing company. Tri Synergy takes a modular approach to digial publishing that aims to give developers the freedom to create the best game possible. For more information on Tri Synergy and their products visit


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Point-and-Click Adventure

Bosch's Damnation arrives on Steam

View the product on Steam

The Tenth Carol Reed Mystery by MDNA Games

"A simple, beautiful, laid back game" - JustAdventure

Bosch's Damnation is the tenth installment in the Carol Reed Mysteries series.Carol is a young British girl living in Norrköping, Sweden. She spends her time tending her allotment and solving the occasional mystery!



  • The game is mouse driven and features a classic adventure game interface.
  • There is absolutely no need to have played any of the previous Carol Reed games to fully enjoy Bosch's Damnation. The game starts with an interactive tutorial which explains how to play. And dont worry about getting stuck. The game features a hint system which you can consult any time. 
  • The game takes place in Sweden, but is in English. All dialogue has optional subtitles. 
  • The game contains no graphic violence or strong language. It has no action sequences, and is suitable for ages 15 and up. You can't die in the game.
  • Platform - PC
  • Created with the Wintermute Engine

About the Game

In 1994, the Swedish engineer, entrepreneur and adventurer Malte Stierngranat was buried in a pyramid that he had designed himself. The pyramid was erected almost half a century prior to his death, on a piece of land that Stierngranat bought close to his home. He also had his own personalised coffin built, which he always took on trips, even shorter ones.


Carol is contacted by the cleaner George in the middle of a cold Swedish winter. This leads her on a journey in which she has to delve into Malte Stierngranat's illustrious life and his legacy. George is the cleaner and caretaker of Malte Stierngranat's son, Erik, and his family. The entire family, which is one of the wealthiest in the city, has gone missing. George is left without a job, and without a final paycheck. He's also worried about what has happened to the family.


When Carol believes that her investigations have led her to a dead end, the boyfriend of Malte Stierngranat's granddaughter is found dead in the family's old barn. The police investigation shows that his body has been lying in the barn since the family's disappearance.


Bosch's Damnation is the first Carol Reed game which takes place in both the winter and in the summer. It features numerous incredible locations for exploration, ranging from the surrealistic and idyllic to the gritty and filthy.


About MDNA Games

Fonded in 2004, MDNA Games develops and publishes the Carol Reed Mystery, a detective adventure series that uses photography of Norrköping and local history of the city as the backdrop for its games. MDNA Games has released 10 titles. For more information visit http://www.


About Tri Synergy
Founded in 1996, Tri Synergy is a video game and computer software publishing company that offers software developers a turnkey publishing solution that is an alternative to the traditional model of affiliate labels and licensing programs. For more information on Tri Synergy and their products visit

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Now Available

Cities: Skylines available in Walmart and other U.S. retail chains.

Tri Synergy and Paradox Interactive are pleased to announce that Cities: Skylines is now available in Walmart and other leading U.S. retail chains.


"The Best City Builder in a Decade" - Escapist
"Very much the city-builder that everyone’s been crying out for." Rock, Paper, Shotgun
"This is the SimCity you were looking for" - PCWorld


Cities: Skylines is a modern take on the classic city simulation from the makers of theCities in Motion franchise Colossal Order.Features 


  • Multi-tiered and challenging simulation: Constructing your city from the ground up is easy to learn, but hard to master. Playing as the mayor of your city you’ll be faced with balancing essential requirements such as education, water electricity, police, fire fighting, healthcare and much more along with your city's real economy system. Citizens within your city react fluidly, with gravitas and with an air of authenticity to a multitude of game play scenarios. 
  • Extensive local traffic simulation: Colossal Orders extensive experience developing the Cities in Motion series is fully utilized in a fully fleshed out and well-crafted transport systems.
  • Districts and Policies: Be more than just an administrator from city hall. Designating parts of your city as a district results in the application of policies which results in you rising to the status of Mayor for your own city.
  • Extensive modding support: Build or improve on existing maps and structures. You can then import them into the game, share them as well as download the creations of other city builders on the Steam workshop.

About Paradox Interactive
Since 1999, Paradox Interactive has been a leading global publisher of PC games and is world-renowned for its strategy catalog. The company holds a particularly strong presence in the United States and Europe. For more information, please, join our forums and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


About Tri Synergy
Founded in 1996, Tri Synergy is a video game and computer software publishing company that offers software developers a turnkey publishing solution that is an alternative to the traditional model of affiliate labels and licensing programs. For more information on Tri Synergy and their products visit

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